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Featured Book: The Mythical

Legends are not born, they are believed in.

Here in Kentucky horse country, a world of glorious contradiction, of awe-inspiring nature and the industry that harnesses its might, a discovery will be made — a mystery that should have remained a myth.

You've got to read it to believe it!

It came suddenly. An inhuman wail born from such loud and ferocious panic that it rattled the ice in Lucas’ glass...

Excerpt from "The Mythical"

Dan greeted her with a gentle nicker and a soft nuzzle.

Anna stroked his chest and whispered in his ear, "I love you, Dan."

Excerpt from "The Horse Whisperer"

The room, the cabin, the ground it sat upon and Mrs. Thomas

was typical of the hardscrabble life of Eastern Kentucky.

Excerpt from "Down Christmas Road With Papa"

A Tribute to the Black Jockeys of Horse Racing

Available for the first time, Bloodline Publishers offers a limited edition print, in two sizes, of the original art created by Stephen Hall for the cover of Louisville Magazine commemorating the 100th Kentucky Derby.

The 100th Time Around

Limited Edition Print — This powerful artwork, created in 1974, is a tribute to the black jockeys who were the original riders of the Kentucky Derby. Available for the first time, the original ink drawing (22" x 28") depicts four of the major black jockeys of horse racing: Oliver lewis, Isaac Murphy, Jimmy Winkfield and James “Soup” Perkins. Available in two sizes: 22" x 28" / 32" x 41"


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