Book Design by Stephen Hall

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As an author himself, Stephen Hall knows his way around book publishing. His designs have won over 100+ awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Print Magazine, and the Society of Publication Designers.

Hall's approach to the business side is different from most other book design consultants for authors. He provides a firm-fixed-price, which includes all client alterations through three drafts. A firm-fixed-price makes it easy for clients to budget and never experience "invoice surprise."

"One of the best creative minds in the business. Organized, polished, progressive, and easy to work with. A keen eye for detail and the big picture."

            —Ron J. Pride, Art Director, Oakwood University

"You won't find a more personable and helpful designer to work with!"

            —Dan Campbell, USDA/RBS publication editor (retired)


Phone: 240-831-1582