Publication Design by Stephen Hall

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If you need to change your publication's look or design to communicate more effectively or reduce its cost, I can help...

Stephen Hall offers publication design and art direction on an issue-by-issue basis or solves specific editorial presentation problems, such as creating a new look.

Hall's approach to the business side is different from most other design consultants. He provides a firm-fixed-price per issue, which includes all client alterations through five drafts. A firm-fixed-price makes it easy for clients to budget and never experience "invoice surprise."

"Steve was more than the graphic designer for USDA's Rural Cooperatives magazine and our other co-op publications; he was more like a partner who always strove for excellence. He also led the effort to expand our hard-copy publications into the digital realm. While always sensitive to our budget and deadline pressures, Steve helped transform our magazine into a consistent prize winner. You won't find a more personable and helpful designer to work with!"

            —Dan Campbell, USDA/RBS publication editor (retired)


Phone: 240-831-1582