The Mythical / Softcover

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An inhuman cry pierces the night in the forest behind an aging horse farm and an adventure begins for a young photographer and his eccentric family.  

Still grieving a long-ago loss, Lucas Toll had returned to his old Kentucky home begrudgingly, and for the sole benefit of his peacekeeper father Marshall and his cantankerous Grandma Eve. But when he discovers a wounded myth sheltering in his family’s barn, his journey is tipped into a mystery torn from the movie screen. Only this creature is something beyond extraterrestrial — and her ominous warning, “He is coming,” is laced with dread that happy endings have never known.   

A frenzied thriller with a measured dose of nostalgia, Southern hospitality, and heart, The Mythical is populated by what Kirkus Reviews calls “the best kind of heroes — oddballs.”

A Novel

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